55th MD 308 Lions Convention 2017 Johor Bahru


Lions throughout the world celebrate Lions Centennial Year in 2017.

Convention delegates attending the 55th Multiple District 308 Lions Convention have many good reasons to converge in JOHOR BAHRU on April 28th - May 1st, 2017. Besides coming together to celebrate a successful centennial year in service, they will be there to remember the past contributions of those who have gone before us, and at the same time to elect in the new district leadership & the MD teams to kick start the new Lionistic century and to inspire the younger Lions for yet another 100 years of Lionistic success.

The theme of the 55th MD308 Lions Convention “Inspiring the Next 100 Years” is aptly chosen to amplify the Lions desire in marching ahead.

It is also the time for the delegates to rekindle old friendships and to make new ones. Most importantly of all for this convention, it is the time for delegates of the MD Convention to cross the Lions’ 100th years mark together, only once in a life time.

Lions have great incentives in attending the said convention in JB. Among others, the bargained hotel rates, the modern meeting facilities and a great convention program installed by the Convention Organizing Committee. We will also take them with us in our convention parade through the heritage cultural streets in old town JB which are dotted with eateries ranging from Hainanese style western food, Indian Cuisine, and traditional coffee, half boiled eggs and charcoal burned roti kawin served in popular kopitiams.

Situated along the new Silk Road, adjacent to Singapore, served by efficient and affordable airlines between JB and East Malaysia, and connected with the rest of Peninsular Malaysia by a modern road system and efficient railways, JOHOR BAHRU has a lot to offer. Many luxurious shopping outlets and world renowned theme parks have taken foot in JB to serve the international visitors.

The historical Johor has much more to offer during your stay. Come and discover the rich history of the Johor Sultanate and that of the migrants who came some 200 years ago to make Johor their home, and who have now called themselves Bangsa Johor. Many foreigners participating in Malaysia’s Second Homes program have also bought residential properties in Johor Bahru, especially along the luxurious water front living areas.

The twenty two Lions clubs in Johor Bahru are proud to be the host to the convention delegates for a rejuvenating convention experience come 2017. On behalf of the hosting clubs and the Convention Organizing Committee, I bid you my warmest welcome to the land of plenty.



“為未来100年鼓舞人心” 很恰当地被选為第55屆308复合区狮子会代表大会的主题

除了划算的旅店價格,现代化的会议设施和由籌委會精心編制的会议程序正等待著代表們的蒞臨。 代表們也將會在年會遊行中穿越新山那点缀着海南风情西餐,南印度菜餐館及傳統炭燒麵包咖啡店的老城区,去感染文化遗产的氣息。

坐落於“新絲綢之路”的枢轴点,與新加坡只隔一衣帶水,以廉價航空與東馬旅客往來,以舒暢的大道及火車路線與西馬各大小城市接軌,新山已成型為未來的世界名城。除了見證新山蓬勃的發展之餘, 代表們也將可借此行多了解柔佛州皇朝及已在此定居了兩百餘年的柔佛人的歷史背景。

新山的二十二間獅子會有幸于2017年做東接待各方嘉賓代表。小弟僅此代表主辦當局及籌委會同仁熱烈歡迎第55屆國際獅子會308複合區年會的所有代表們在明年四月間蒞臨新山 Johor Persada International Convention Centre與會。恭候光臨。



Albert Tan Chew Peng

55th MD308 Lions Convention
Convention Organizing Committee Chairman




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